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Ubet Rigid Shaft CouplingDesign available: one-piece or two-piece or set screw With keyway or without keywayMaterial available: Aluminum Carbon Steel Black Oxidized Stainless SteelSize available: 6mm to 50mm shaft fit 1/4” to 2” shaft fitFeatures: Cost saving for economy High torque capacity Zero backlash Without the shaft damage and fretting Misalignment freeClamp Style Rigid Couplings for applications where alignment is critical, no backlash is desired, and flexibility is not required. The one-piece rigid coupling wraps around the shaft, providing high torsional holding power without the shaft damage and fretting. The two-piece rigid coupling has the additional benefit of allowing for disassembly and maintenance without removal of other components.Black Oxide SteelStainless SteelInner Dia mmOuter Dia mmLength mmClamp ScrewWeight gRSC1-6-STRSC1-6-SS61830M 3 x 847RSC1-8-STRSC1-8-SS82435M 3 x 10102RSC1-10-STRSC1-10-SS102945M 4 x 12185RSC1-12-STRSC1-12-SS122945M 4 x 12180RSC1-14-STRSC1-14-SS143450M 5 x 16272RSC1-15-STRSC1-15-SS153450M 5 x 16266RSC1-16-STRSC1-16-SS163450M 5 x 16261RSC1-20-STRSC1-20-SS204265M 6 x 16518RSC1-25-STRSC1-25-SS254575M 6 x 16623RSC1-30-STRSC1-30-SS305383M 6 x 18920RSC1-35-STRSC1-35-SS356795M 8 x 251880RSC1-40-STRSC1-40-SS4077108M 8 x 252710RSC1-50-STRSC1-50-SS5085124M 10 x 253520Black Oxide SteelStainless SteelInner Dia mmOuter Dia mmLength mmClamp ScrewWeight gRSC2-6-STRSC2-6-SS61830M 3 x 847RSC2-8-STRSC2-8-SS82435M 3 x 10102RSC2-10-STRSC2-10-SS102945M 4 x 12185RSC2-12-STRSC2-12-SS122945M 4 x 12180RSC2-14-STRSC2-14-SS143450M 5 x 16272RSC2-15-STRSC2-15-SS153450M 5 x 16266RSC2-16-STRSC2-16-SS163450M 5 x 16261RSC2-20-STRSC2-20-SS204265M 6 x 16518RSC2-25-STRSC2-25-SS254575M 6 x 16623RSC2-30-STRSC2-30-SS305383M 6 x 18920RSC2-35-STRSC2-35-SS356795M 8 x 251880RSC2-40-STRSC2-40-SS4077108M 8 x 252710RSC2-50-STRSC2-50-SS5085124M 10 x 253520