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Stainless Steel Auto Exhaust Flexible Pipe CouplingDetailed Product Description:Automobile exhaust system componentInstalled between engine and mufflerUsed to decrease engine noise and vibrationAbsorbs muffler pipe thermal expansion and shockCompensates for exhaust converter misalignmentReduces air pollutionStructures:Bellows+ Outside braid+ Inner BraidOutside braid, middle double bellows, lined with inside braid and lined with inside interlock or nothing inside, and with collars on the both endsspecification:NDMINALLINSIDEOVERALLLENGTHOVERALLLENGTH O/LOVERALLLENGTHO/LNOMINALINSIDEOVERALLLENGTHO/LDIAMETERI.DO/LDIAMETERI.D1-3/4 " (45mm)4 " (102mm)2-1/2 "(63.5mm)4 " (102mm)43mm120mm6 " (152mm)6 " (152mm)165mm8 " (203mm)8 " (203mm)180mm9 " (230mm)9 " (230mm)50mm(52mm)120mm10 " (254mm)10 " (254mm)165mm11 " (280mm)11 " (280mm)54.5mm120mm2"(51mm)12 " (305mm)12 " (305mm)150mm4 " (102mm)3 "(76.2mm)4 " (102mm)180mm6 " (152mm)6 " (152mm)200mm8 " (203mm)8 " (203mm)250mm9 " (230mm)10 " (254mm)60mm(61mm)160mm10 " (254mm)12 " (305mm)200mm2-1/4 " (57.2mm)11 " (280mm)6 " (152mm)240mm12 " (305mm)3-1/2" (89mm)8 " (203mm)65mm150mm4 " (102mm)10 " (254mm)200mm6 " (152mm)12 " (305mm)70mm100m8 " (203mm)4" (102mm)8 " (203mm)120mm9 " (230mm)10 " (254mm)150mm10 " (254mm)12 " (305mm)200mm11 " (280mm)Other sizes are available,ID32,ID36,ID38,ID40,ID46,ID48,ID115,ID125etc12 " (305mm)Honors:We are the top ten leading brand.We have 24 years of exhaust system and industrial pipe.Founded in 1992 and experienced in the field of exhaust system and industrial pipe for 24 years.We have large capacity, over 200000pcs/month.Management system certification:ISO9001.ISO14001.TSI16949.We have our own technical and mould deparmtent, ready for any customized products.Sales network expands from over domestic sales to all over the world.Others:Size, diameter and length can be produced as per client’s requirementsOur company:ZheJiang YueDing company produce quality products and work to provide constant communication with our clients. Our dedication to excellence allows us to be a stable solution in the marketplace with a quick lead time. We primarily focus on exhaust pipes, including metal hoses and other pipes that are used within the automotive industry . We have designers, engineers, and others who are involved in the process of manufacturing parts. We explore the top materials to use as well as continuously add more technology and innovation to produce higher quality parts.Flexible Exhaust Pipe