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DescriptionAssembled LengthMax BoreD2D1L1L2L3GMax speed r.p.m145014402423385041400019541948302538544118002456245236264256410600288428664440468448500328432765040488447500388438835840488446700428842956542508846000481044810068505010445600551245512082606512444800651446514094707214444000Shanghai shine gear couplings provide a low cost alterlative in applications where low power requirements are used. They provide an excellent way to compensate for axial, radial and angular misalignment of connecting shafts.Shanghai Shine Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and selling transmission products. Our products are exported to the world famous machinery company in Europe, America, South Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia etc.Our main products include: European pulley, American pulley, Couplings, taper bushing, QD bush, lock element, adjustable motor base, motor rail, sprockets, chain, bolt on hubs, weld on hubs, jaw crusher equipment & spare parts and all kinds of non-standard Casting products etc.