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Product Description:

Single ball rubber joint is a kind of pipeline joint which is high-flexibility,high-gas tightness,resistance to medium and climate. Limit displacement and Prevent pull off rubber joint is usually composed of inner rubber layer,fabric reinforcement layer(reinforcement layer have multilayer frictioning nylon cord fabric),middle rubber layer,outer rubber layer,top reinforce metal ring or bead ring. After high pressure, high temperature vulcanization and become. It can reduce the vibration and noise of pipeline.It can also compensate for the Thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature changed.

Product features:

1.Smallvolume,lightweight,goodelasticity,easyinstallationandmaintenance.2.After installation, it canassimilate horizontal,axialandangular displacement caused by pipeline vibration.3.After installation, it can reduce the noise which produced by the pipeline and water pump etc.4.Inside has seamless high pressure rubber joint more effectively prevent rubber joint’s inner walls from being corroded by corrosive medium in high temperature resistance,acid and alkali resistant,oil resistance pipeline and raised working life.

Technics condition





work pressure MPa( kgf/cm 2 )

1.0(10 )

1.6 ( 16 )

2.5 ( 25 )

explosion pressure MPa( kgf/cm 2 )

2.0 ( 20 )

3.0 ( 30 )

4.5 ( 45 )

vacuum degreeKPa(mm/Hg)

53.3 ( 400 )

86.7 ( 650 )

100 ( 750 )


-15 ºC~ 115 ºCspecial can reach -30 ºC ~ 250 ºC


Air,compressed air,water,seawater,hot water,oil,acid,alkali etc.