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Two types of investment cast processes:Silica Solprocess and the water glass process.The Silica Solprocess is used to cast complex high quality parts with requirements of a very good surface finish and close dimensional tolerances.This processcan range from a weight of just a few ounces to approximately 80 pounds. If you are concerned with precision in very small parts, we are especially proficient at very fine detail work including teeth and serrations. The water glass process is typical of the process in the early stages of investment castings. It generally is capable of much larger castings than theSilica Sol process, but does not have as good of surface finish or tolerances.The water glass process provides parts that have better surface finish and dimensional tolerances than sand castings. This process may range in weight from several ounces to approximately 200 pounds.We have the capacity to provide EPT, ODM service.We can provide casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment service according to your drawings, ideas or samples.MaterialsFactory ShowOur service:1.20yearsofmanufacturingsuccessinChinaandexportingexperienceworldwide2.Globalspecializedproducerofmachinedcastings.3.Wecombineourownresourceswithsomeotherwell-developedfactoriestofulfillawiderangeofcontractmanufacturingcapabilities.Workingwithonesource,savestimeandmoney.4.Satisfiedsupplierof7bigcompaniesfromNorthAmericaandEurope.5.Lowcostmoldmaterialsandfocusonefficiencyofferacost effectivesolutiontoyourmetalcomponentpurchasingrequirements.6.Normalleadtimesrangefrom1to6weeksforfully-machinedcomponents.7.Strongcapacitytohelpcustomersdevelopnewprojects.8.Oursalesdepartmentis24hoursavailableinordertohelpourcustomerssolveproblemsquickly.DeliveryFAQ:1. Can we get the samples?Yes, we can supply you the samples for checking our quality within10-30 days.2. Can we place a trial order first time?Yes, we are glad to supply you small trial order, and hope your quantity will be big in future.3. Can you help us to do the customs clearance of import?Yes, we can help you to do the customs clearance.4. What is your lead-time?With our design, fabrication and manufacturing skills and experience, we can efficiently exceed your expectations and meet the time frame required. However, we guarantee that quality and service are never compromised.