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SizeBoreTorqueKg-nSpeedr.p.mOutside diamd3Outside diamd5LS1WeightkgMinMaxNM-507191.3135003350252.0±0.50.48NM-679282.2100004667302.5±0.50.93NM-8210325.080005382403±11.78NM-97124210.570006997503±13.46NM-112144816.7600079112603.5±15.0NM-128185526.75000112128703.5±17.9NM-148226541.74500128148803.5±112.3NM-168287569.57000148168903.5±1.518.4Hangzhou Xingda Machinery is made of high quality cast iron–GG 20 and high quality rubber–NBR, our rubber are all imported from Taiwan C-KING Industry Co., Ltd. which specialized in rubber field for more than 30 years. We can provide Jaw coupling, chain coupling, HRC coupling, GE coupling. Tyre Coupling. MCT coupling and FCL coupling.Function characteristics1) Maintenance, actually HRC coupling doesn't need maintenance, also does not need lubricant2) Environmental, elastic components make HRC coupling applies to a variety of working conditions.3) Reliable transmission, in case of elastic component is damaged, the dog segment which casted siamesedly still keep the transmission processing reliably.4) Economic, HRC couplings have already been made of optimization design, which make transmission power match the transmission shaft diameter.5) Good recovery capacity, elastic components can reduce the load at the peak moments, and the deviation is a major consideration when designing.6) Adaptability of misalignment, HRC can coupling contains parallel shift, angle shift and axis shift which happen some times.7) Taper sleeve, push-pull type taper sleeve is standard for HRC coupling.Application fieldMixer, brewing machinery, centrifugal blower, centrifugal compressor, transport machinery, centrifugal fan and pump, generator sewage treatment equipment, clay processing machinery, crane, washing machines, woodworking machinery, machine tool, rotary grinding machine, paper mill machinery, the spinning jenny, reciprocating transports, crushing machine, shake conveyor, rubber machinery (equipped with mixed refine sensor and grinding machine, reciprocating compressor). Commonly used in air compressor machine.