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Characteristics1.flexible coupling(1) a integrated metal elastomer,(2) zero clearance, can turn in synchronicity,(3) elasticity effect compensation, Angle to the radial and axial deviation,(4) high torque rigid and excellent sensitivity,(5) clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics exactly the same,(6) free maintenance, resisting oil and corrosion resistance,(7) aluminum alloy and stainless steel material selection,(8) fixed ways mainly have the top silk and clamping two kinds.2.The plum flower coupling(1) compact, toothless gap, provide three different hardness elastomer,(2) can absorb the vibration, compensate radial and Angle to the deviation,(3) simple structure, convenient maintenance, facilitating examination,(4) free maintenance, resisting oil and electrical insulation, working temperature 20 °C – 60 °C;(5) plum elastomers have four disc, six disc, eight disc and ten disc,(6) fixed way has a silk, clamping, keyways fixed.SizeRound Claw QuantityOD(outer diameter)(mm) ID( inner diameter)(mm)Thickness(mm)4481912665281868035186100422061205525614065308165903081951003510225115351025514050102551504410295160501029517050102951655010295165501235521555Square claw Quantity OD(outer diameter)(mm) OD(outer diameter)(mm) Thickness(mm)47535156804015685411869042206954520610049208105502281105522101205925101256025101306525101356325101407225101457328101507528121558028