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M28-65 Nylon Gear Sleeve, Nylon Gear Coupling Nylon Gear Shaft Coupling1. Applies to flexible drive shaft ,allowing a larger axial radial displacement and displacement.2. Has a simple structure,easy maintenance .3. Disassembly easy4. low noise5. Transmission efficiency loss,long useful working life.Advantages:1.Lowest pice based on large scale production.2.High and stable quality level.3.Widely used in various mechanical and hydraulic fields.4.Compensation for axial,radial and angular misalignment.5.Convenient axial plugging assembly.6.No brittlement at low temperature.7.Good slippery and frictional properties.8.Resistance to chemical corrosion.Surface:as your requirementMaterial: steel / aluminum / brass / iron / zinc / alloyAny other material and dimension depends on customers’ demand.Usage: machinery / furniture / toy / woodboard / wallManufacturing process: Precisionturning partsEuipment:CNC turning machineTesting equipment: projectorTolerance:+/-0.05MMNylon Gear Sleeve, M TypeItemGear QtyMinimum IDMaximum IDODThicknessUSD/pieceM283450557045US$1.50M324058657848US$1.80M384463708648US$2.20M425072799450US$2.70M485072799550US$3.20M5845859411360US$4.50M654210011113870US$5.30standard size for polyurethane coupling:GR14, GR19, GR24, GR28, GR38, GR42, GR48, GR55, GR65, GR75, GR90, GR100, GR110, GR125, GR140, GR160, GR180GS14, GS19, GS24, GS28, GS38, GS42, GS48, GS55, GS65, GS75, GS90, GS100, GS110, GS125, GS140, GS160, GS180MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5, MT6, MT7, MT8, MT9, MT10, MT11, MT12, MT13ML1, ML2, ML3, ML4, ML5, ML6, ML7, ML8, ML9, ML10, ML11, ML12, ML13MH45, MH55, MH65, MH80, MH90, MH115, MH130, MH145, MH175, MH200HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/100, L110, L150, L190, L225, L276FALK-R 10R, 20R, 30R, 40R, 50R, 60R, 70R, 80RT40, T45, T50, T55, T60, T65, T70, T75, T80, T85, T90, T95, T100, T105, T108, T110, T115, T120, T125, T130, T135, T140, T145, T150, T154, T170, T185, T190, T210standard size for rubber coupling:Hb80, Hb95, Hb110, Hb125, Hb140, Hb160, Hb180, Hb200, Hb240, Hb280, Hb315HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/100, L110, L150, L190, L225NM50, NM67, NM82, NM97, NM112, NM128, NM148, NM168, NM194, NM214, NM240, NM265Gear 3J, 4J, 5J, 6J, 7J, 8J, 9J, 10J, 11Jspecial size build molding according to the buyer’s drawingsstandard size for nylon coupling:NL1, NL2, NL3, NL4, NL5, NL6, NL7, NL8, NL9, NL10special size build molding according to the buyer’s drawings***when you enquiry, pls confirm product’s number and quantity***