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Technical performance1.Our coupling has the characteristic of anti-impact,shock-absorbing and mostly it also adapt to large variety of Loading capacity,which can protect equipment better.2.Quick dismounting and installation are the advantages for our coupling and the experimental data show that the product can save 70% time than The traditional coupling.3.The long-life coupling made of high strength alloy steel get to the requirement of High toughness after heat treatment.4.The coupling also possesses features of reasonable structure, less parts, light weight and small size that ensure simple installation and easy maintenance for you.Product DescriptionNew-typed snakelike spring coupler possesses the advantages of gear-type coupling and flexible coupling, and is atype of perfect coupling for middle and heavy equipment.Technical advantage1.Striking resistant, reduce shake and strong ability to adjust changing loads, which can protect equipment better;2.Quick to disassembly and assembly and save time and work-it can be displaced in the site;3.Overlong working service;4.Simple structure and easy maintenance;5.little installation requirement, which isconvenientfor equipment to install.ApplicationRangeTypicalapplicationExamplesConstanttorquesuchascentrifugalpump,blower,compressorContinuousloads,therearesometorquechanges,suchasthecompressorMildimpactload,suchasconveyor,metalextrusionmachinePredictablemoderateimpactloadsuchasdumptrucks,stonecrusher,vibratingmachinesStrongimpactloadwithreversetorque,suchascompressor,reciprocatingpump,roughingmillCompany informationLIBO Heavy Machine Technology Co.,Ltd.("LIBO" for short) is located at the foot of Mount Tai,as the state-level High-Tech Enterprise with integrated system of Production, Study and Research.We are specialized in the development and manufacture of complete sets and key components forbulk material handling, especially belt conveyors and stacker-reclaimer used in round stockyard.With the registered capital of¥119.6millions, we are one of the largest companies in the bulkmaterials handling industry and have international certificates, which owns high-level technical equipment and comprehensive strength and offer full service for products.