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We are a manufacturer of precision tube fittings and machined components for military and commercial aircraft, engine, space, and industrial programs. Whether it’s the simplest connector or the most complex fitting, each Airdrome part is made to perform under the most demanding conditions. Mission after mission.

In choosing the ideal supply partner for fittings and precision-machined parts, your decision will take into account quality, capability, dependability, availability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.Whether your needs are for AN, MS, NAS, AS, MA, KC, EN, NSA, ISO, Weld, Braze, Internal Swage, BAC Lightweight, Beam Seal, Shape Memory-Compatible, Self Locking Nut, Seals, Special Machined Parts, or Industrial fittings, we makes world-class products and delivers them the world overFuel Flexible Couplingare used to connect the flexible joints in the middle of the long fuel pipe. Fuel pipe larger than the size of the hydraulic pipe, the flight tube filled with fuel, this time the weight is large, flying often encountered in the air flow and vibration, flexible connector assembly in the case of sealing after the connection, you can still achieve 3 degrees Angle, cleverly consumed shocks may cause damage to the fuel conduit..