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Hot Sale Standard Telescopic Welded Cardan ShaftSWC-BH type cardan shaft coupling is a kind of the most commonly used with the characteristics of its structure can not in the same axis or axis angle or larger axial movement of two large equiangular continuous rotary speed, and reliably transfer torque and motion. It can be widely used in metallurgy, lifting, transportation, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, paper machinery and other heavy machinery industry machinery shaft in the transmission torque.ModelDmmTnkN • mT.kN • mp(.)LSmmLmin Size mmI kg. m2 m kgDijs11d2H7DaLmn-dktbh9gLmin100mmLmin100mmSWC58BH580.150.075≤2235325473038354-53.51.5—-2.2-SWC65BH650.250.125≤2240360523542464-64.51.7—-3.0-SWC75BH750.500.25≤2240395624250586-65.52.0—-5.0-SWC90BH901.00.50≤224543574.54754584-86.02.5—-6.6-SWC100BH1001.50.75≤2555390845760586-972.5–0.00440.000196.10.35SWC120BH1202.51.25≤25804851027570688-1182.5–0.01090.0004410.80.55SWC150BH15052.5≤258059013.09089808-13103.0–0.04230.0015724.50.85SWC160BH160105≤2580660137100951108-15153.020120.14500.0060681.72SWC180BH1802010≤251008101551051141308-17175.024140.17500.0070702.8SWC200BH2003216≤151108601701201271358-17195.028160.31000.0130863.6SWC225BH2254020≤151409201961351521208-17205.0329.00.53800.02341224.9SWC250BH2506331.5≤1514010352181501681408-19256.04012.50.96600.02771725.3SWC285BH2859045≤1514011902451701941608-21277.04015.02.01100.05102636.3SWC315BH31512563≤15140131528018521918010-23328.04015.03.60500.07953828.0SWC350BH35018090≤15150141031021026719410-23358.05016.07.05300.221958215.0SWC390BH390250125≤15170159034523526721510-25408.07018.012.1640.221973815.0SWC440BH440355180≤15190187539025532526016-2842108020.021.4200.4744119021.7SWC490BH490500250≤15190198543527532527016-3147129022.532.8600.4744145221.7SWC550BH550710355≤15240230049232042630516-31501210022.568.9201.3570238034Production PicturesHuading isa professional manufacturer and supplier for cardanshaft, universal joint and series of couplings, our products have been exported toNorth America, Italy, France, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mid East and other countries.Our Services24 hours online serviceEnquiry will be replied in 2 hoursFactory Address:No. 11, Fuyang Road, ChengNan Industrial Park, Jingjiang, Taizhou, Jiangsu, ChinaWeb: Are u a manufacturer?We are a professional manufacturer specializing in manufacturing cardan shaft and various series of couplings. We supply couplings for the wholesalers and dealers from different countries.2. Can you do EPT?Yes, we can. We can do EPT & ODM for all the customers with customized artworks of PDF or AI format.3. How does your factory do regarding quality control?Quality is priority! We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end:1) Firstly, we have specialized QC department to control the quality, and we also accept the third official government to inspect the cargoes before delivery.2) Secondly, we have all detailed records for nonconformity products, then we will make summary according to these records, avoid it happen again.3) Thirdly, We do observe the relevant codes of conduct & laws from government in environment, human right aspects like no children labor, no prisoner labor and so on.4. How can I get samples?We are appreciated that new clients pay for the express fee for samples and this charge will be deducted once orders are released.Products ListTransmission MachineryParts NameModelUniversal joint couplingWS WSD WSPCardan shaftSWC SWP SWZGear couplingCL CLZ GCLD GIICL GICL NGCL GGCL PGCLKDiaphragm couplingJMI JMIJ JMII JMIIJPlum couplingLMChain couplingGLJaw couplingLTGrid couplingJSWelcome to customize products from our factory andpls send us more details about your purchasing.Thank you for your time and attention.