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PU Coating&colon; Steel Coated with PU&comma; Bearing Coated With PU&comma; Plastic Coated with PU&comma; Rubber CoatingRoller&colon; PU Roller&comma; Rubber RollerLiner&colon; Grinding Machine Inner Liner&comma; Tube Inner PU Coating Polyurethane rollers are with high strength&comma; compressive strength&comma; abrasion resistance&comma; oil resistance&comma; corrosion resistance and bonding firmly without degumming&period; They are widely used in metallurgy&comma; paper&comma; coal&comma; wood processing&comma; chemical fiber&comma; textile&comma; printing and other industries&lpar;1&rpar;Metallurgy Roller&colon; Due to cost considerations&comma; CPU roller&comma; mainly used in poor working conditions&comma; high quality requirements occasion&comma; such as the pinch roller&comma; tension roller&comma; pressure roller&comma; transfer roller&comma; guide roller etc&comma; for example cold roller is belong to hard rubber roller&comma; hardness&colon; Shore A 90 ± 5&comma; tensile strength> 40MPa&comma; elongation> 400&percnt;&comma; Akron < 0&period;08cm 3 &sol; 1&period;61KM and the peel strength steel shaft> 500KN &sol; m&comma; the tension roller larger size φ 1&period;5 ~ 1&period;7m&comma; Long 1&period;7m- 2m&comma; Thick plastic 20mm&period; They are requiring high strength&comma; compression deformation&comma; and wear resistance&period; Color thin roller is used for painting stainless steel&comma; in addition to wear resistance&comma; it also require corrosion resistance and good elasticity&comma; so as to keep the printing even and beautiful&period; &lpar;Normal hardness is shore A 40 ~ 60&rpar;&lpar;2&rpar;Printing rollers&colon; Including letterpress printing roller &lpar;Shore A20 ~ 30&rpar;&comma; offset printing rubber roller &lpar;Shore A38 ~ 45&rpar; and high-speed printing rollers etc&period;&comma; due to CPU low hardness&comma; high strength&comma; elasticity&comma; wear resistance and greaseproof printing ink&comma; it is very suitable for low hardness&comma; high-speed printing rollers&period;&lpar;3&rpar; Rubber roller for hulling rice&colon; The CPU instead of ordinary rubber roller can increase the service life of 3 to 4 times without contaminating food&period;&lpar;4&rpar;Paper Roller&colon; Its production efficiency can be increased by 1 time or more&comma; and reduce energy consumption and costs&period;&lpar;5&rpar;Textile Roller&colon; Used to pelletizing roller&comma; drawing roller&comma; drafting roller can extend service life&period;