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Drum Gear Coupling Shaft Coupling (GICL)Drum type coupling is just flexible coupling, coupling is made within the same number of ring gear and belt tooth flange half couplings and other parts. Divided into straight teeth and drum tooth outside two kinds of tooth profile, drum gear coupling Allows a larger angular displacement (as opposed to straight tooth coupling), can improve the tooth contact conditions, improve the ability to transfer torque, prolong service life.With the radial, axial and angular and axial deviation compensation ability, has the advantages of compact structure, small turning radius, its large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, low noise and long maintenance cycle, especially suitable for low speed and heavy load condition, such as metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation and other industries are also applicable to the drive shaft of petroleum and chemical industry, general machinery and other kinds of machinery.ModelTn(kN.m)[n](r/min) d1,d2,dzDCC1C2Kg.m2KgYZ1,J1LGICL10.8710016 18 1942-12520–0.0095.920 22 245238-2425 28624410-1930 32 35 3882602.51522GICL21.4630025 28624414410.5-290.029.730 32 35 38826012.53040 42 45 48112842.513.528GICL32.8590030 32 35 388260174324.5250.04717.240 42 45 48 50 55 561128417286014210735GICL45.0540032 35 3882601961437320.09124.940 42 45 48 50 55 56112842860 63 65 7014210731735GICL58.0500040 42 45 48 50 55 5611284224325280.1673860 63 65 70 71 751421072035801721322243GICL611.2480048 50 55 5611284241635350.26748.260 63 65 70 71 75142107203580 85 9017213242243GICL715.0450060 63 65 70 71 75142107260435350.45368.980 85 90 95172132224310021216748GICL821.2400065 70 71 75142107282535350.64683.380 85 90 951721322243100 11021216748GICL926.5350070 71 751421073141045451.03611080 85 90 95172132100 110 120 1252121675224349GICL1042.5320080 85 90 95172132346543431.88157100 110 120 1252121672249130 1402522022954GICL1160.03000100 110 120 125212167380629493.28217130 140 1502522025416030224264GICL1280.02600120 125212167442657575.08305130 140 1502522022955160 170 18030224268GICL131122300140 1502522024827545710.06419160 170 1803022423270190 20035228280GICL141602100160 170 1803022425208427016.774594190 200 2203522823280GICL152241900190 200 22035228258010348026.55783140 15041033038-GICL163551600200 22035228268010588052.221134240 250 26041033038-28047038038GICL174001500220352282720107480691305240 250 260410330280 30047038039-GICL185001400240 250 2604103307751046-96.161626280 300 32047038041-GICL1963013002604103308151067-115.61773280 300 32047038041340550450GICL207101200280 300 3204703808551344-167.412263Product PicturesHuading is a professional manufacturer and supplier for cardan shaft, universal joint and coupling(diaphragm coupling, flexible coupling, gear coupling etc.), our products have been exported to North America, Italy, France, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mid East and other countries.Our Services24 hours online serviceEnquiry will be replied in 2 hoursFactory Address:No. 11 Fuyang Road, ChengNan Industrial Park, Jingjiang City, Taizhou, Jiangsu, ChinaWeb: Are u a manufacturer?Weareaprofessionalmanufacturerspecializinginmanufacturingcardanshaftsandvariousseriesofcouplings.Wesupplycouplingsforthewholesalersanddealersfromdifferentcountries.2. Can you do EPT?Yes, we can. We can do EPT & ODM for all the customers with customized artworks of PDF or AI format.3. How does your factory do regarding quality control?Quality is priority! We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end:1) Firstly, we have specialized QC department to control the quality, and we also accept the third official government to inspect the cargoes before delivery.2) Secondly, we have all detailed records for nonconformity products, then we will make summary according to these records, avoid it happen again.3) Thirdly, We do observe the relevant codes of conduct & laws from government in environment, human right aspects like no children labor, no prisoner labor and so on.4. How can I get samples?We are appreciated that new clients pay for the express fee for samples and this charge will be deducted once orders are released.Products ListTransmission MachineryParts NameModelUniversal jointWS WSD WSPCardan shaftSWC SWP SWZGear couplingCL CLZ GCLD GIICL GICL NGCL GGCL PGCLKDiaphragm couplingJMI JMIJ JMII JMIIJPlum couplingLMChain couplingGLJaw couplingLTGrid couplingJSWelcome to customize products from our factory andpls send us more details about your purchasing.Thank you for your time and attention.