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Nylon Sleeve Gear CouplingCurved-tooth Coupling / Coupling BoWexUbet Nylon Sleeve Couplings flexible shaft connections for a positive torque transmission and specifically suitable to compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment.Ubet Nylon Sleeve Couplings are compact and require no lubrication. They are adapted to many applications including vertical and blind installations. They operate over a wide range of temperature at speed up to 5,000 RPM. This type of coupling is widely used in application such as Motor, Generator and Pump etc.Features:l Nylon-steel combined, maintenance freel Compensation for axial, radial and angular misalignmentl Convenient axial plugging assemblyl Without bolts, pins, flanges to affect balance or safetyl No requirement of lubricationl Excellent electrical insulationl Can be vertically or horizontally assembledl Tolerance of finished bore in appliance with ISOH7l tem No.l Item No.l Finished bore rangel Outside Diameterl Nominal Torque Nml UTNL-14l UTNL-14-Ll 6-14l 40l 10l UTNL-19l UTNL-19-Ll 8-19l 48l 16l UTNL-24l UTNL-24-Ll 10-24l 52l 20l UTNL-28l UTNL-28-Ll 10-28l 66l 45l UTNL-32l UTNL-32-Ll 12-32l 76l 60l UTNL-38l UTNL-38-Ll 14-38l 83l 80l UTNL-42l UTNL-42-Ll 20-42l 95l 100l UTNL-48l UTNL-48-Ll 20-48l 114l 140l UTNL-55l UTNL-55-Ll 25-55l 132l 240l UTNL-65l UTNL-65-Ll 25-65l 175l 380