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1. Application :* used for the connection of spigot end of two pipelines.* suit for Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe, PVC Pipe* Working pressure: PN10* Suit for Water, Neutral Liquids and Sewage2. DIMENSION SHEETS/NNominal DiaLengthPressuremmmmMpa1DN803001.0 Mpa2DN1003401.0 Mpa3DN1503401.0 Mpa4DN2003001.0 Mpa5DN2503001.0 Mpa6DN3003201.0 Mpa7DN4003201.0 Mpa8DN5003201.0 Mpa9DN6003301.0 Mpa10DN7003401.0 Mpa11DN8003401.0 Mpa12DN9003401.0 Mpa13DN10003401.0 Mpa14DN12003401.0 Mpa