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1. Briefs :* Mainly used for varied pipe connection* Suit for Water, Sewage, Gas, Oil Service Pipeline .2. Features : * used for both pipe connection and leaking pipe repair* flexible pipe connection* allow angular deflection but don’t provide restraint* anticorrosive* easy installation and disassembly* free of welding and fire risk3. Dimension Sheet :S/NO. D RangeShipIndustryLength (mm)mmPN (bar)WP (bar)NormalExtended121-23163257226-28163257333-35163257442-44163257547-49163257100656-58163257100759-62163280139862-64163280139975-781428801391079-811428802031188-92142810720312106-110142810720313112-116142810720314116-119142810720315123-126142810720316131-134142810720317137-143142811620318157-161122411620319163-166122411620320166-170122411620321168-172122411620322198-20181615525523217-22181615525524250-25481615525525271-27581615525526313-31771415525527323-32771415525528354-35871415525529375-379714155255Note: we accept your specific dimensions which are not included in the above list .4. Rubber Sealing Sleeve MaterialRubber Sealing Sleeve Material ChartMaterialSuit forEPDMTemperature Range : -20ºC to +120ºC Suit for water, waster water, air, solid and chemicals fluidsNBRTemperature Range : -20ºC to +120ºC Suit for gas,oil, crude oil and other hydrocarbon fluidsMVQ(Silicon Rubber)Temperatuer Range: -75ºC to +200ºC Sunlight resistant, heat resistant, high temperature isolationVITON( Fluoro Rubber)Temperature Range: -95ºC to +300ºC Heat resistant, chemical attack resistantNote: you should choose the kind of rubber material based on the type of fluids of your pipeline .