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Item Namereducing couplingUseEngineering construction( fire protection,pipe transportation,water pipe, cable protection, mine industry,etc.)MaterialDuctile cast iron conforming to ASTM A-536, Grade 65-45-12CerificationISO 9001:2008,FM,UL,CCC and CE approvedTechnologyCastingColorMany colors available for choice(Blue,Red,Silver)Surface TreatmentEpoxy powder coating(Red color- RAL3000; Orange)Optional: Galvanized (Zinc Plated, HDG Or Dip painted)Size1"-12"Working Pressure300PSIConnect End TypeGrooved end ,Thread endDelivery15 daysPacking DetailsCartons or Cartons on PalletPaymentBy T/T,L/CEPTYESFactoryYESBrand NamePlatoType of production1) Rigid Coupling,Flexible Coupling, Reducing Flexible Coupling2) Long Radius and Short Radius Elbow (90°/45°/22.5°/11.25°)3) Equal Tee, Grooved Reducing Tee, Grooved Reduing Tee(Threaded outlet)4) Grooved Mechanical Tee,Grooved Mechanical Cross5) Equal Cross, Grooved Reducing Cross6) Grooved Reducer, Threaded Reducer7) Adapter Flange, Grooved Split Flange8) Cap,End CapNominal Size()mm/in(/)Pipe O.D()mm/in(/)Working Pressure()PSI/Mpa(/)Dimension()Bolt/Nut(/)ABCmm/in(/)mm/in(/)mm/in(/)50×4060.3×48.3300871304810*552×1½2.375×1.9002.073.4255.1181.8965×4073.0×48.33001001424810*602½×1½2.875×1.9002.073.9375.5911.89065×5073.0×60.33001001424810*602½×22.875×.3752.073.9375.5911.89065×4076.1×48.33001021474810*603OD×1½3.000×1.9002.074.0165.7871.89065×5076.1×60.33001021474810*603OD×23.000×2.3752.074.0165.7871.89080×4088.9×48.33001161654912*703×1½3.500×1.9002.074.5676.4961.92980×5088.9×60.33001161654912*703×23.500×2.3752.074.5676.4961.92980×6588.9×73.03001161654912*703×2½3.500×2.3752.074.5676.4961.92980×6588.9×76.13001161654912*703×3OD3.500×3.0002.074.5676.4961.929100×32114.3×42.43001462005214*754×1¼4.500×1.6692.075.7487.8742.047100×40114.3×48.33001462005214*754×1½4.500×1.9002.075.7487.8742.047100×50114.3×60.33001462005214*754×24.500×2.3752.075.7487.8742.047100×65114.3×73.03001462005214*754×2½4.500×1.3272.075.7487.8742.047100×65114.3×76.13001462005214*754×3OD4.500×3.0002.075.7487.8742.047100×80114.3×88.93001462005214*754×34.500×3.5002.075.7487.8742.047150×100165.1×114.33001972555116*856½×46.500×4.5002.077.75610.0392.008150×80168.3×88.93002002595216*856×36.625×3.5002.077.87410.1972.047150×100168.3×114.33002002595216*856×46.625×4.5002.077.87410.1972.047150×125168.3×139.73002102595316*856×5½OD6.625×5.5002.078.26810.1972.087200×150219.1×168.33002583356220*1108×68.625×6.6252.0710.15713.1892.441

According to the design specification of automatic sprinkler system, the pipe connection of the system should be made with trench connector or thread and flange.Pipes with diameter equal to or greater than 100mm in the system shall be connected with flanged or grooved connectors in sections.

Groove pipe fitting connection technology, also known as clamp connection technology, has become the first technology for liquid and gas pipe connection. Although this technology was developed later in China than abroad, it was quickly accepted by the domestic market due to its advanced technology.Since 1998, it has been developed, and after a few years of development and application, it has gradually replaced the two traditional pipe connection methods of flange and welding.Not only is the technology more mature, the market is generally recognized, and has been actively guided by national laws and policies.

The application of groove fitting connection technology makes the complicated pipeline connection process simple, quick and convenient.This is a big step forward in pipeline connection technology.

Groove pipe fittings include two major categories of products:

(1) the connection sealing effect of the pipe fitting has a rigid joint, flexible joint, mechanical tee and groove flange;

(2) to connect the transition role of the pipe elbow, tee, tee, reducing pipe, blind plate, etc.

The groove connection pipe fitting which plays the role of connecting seal mainly consists of three parts: sealing rubber ring, clamp and locking bolt.The rubber sealing ring located in the inner layer is placed on the outer side of the connected pipe, which is in accordance with the pre-rolled groove. Then the clamp is fastened on the outer side of the rubber ring, and then it can be fastened with two bolts.Because the rubber seal ring and the clamp adopt the special design of sealable structure, the groove connector has a good sealing performance, and with the increase of fluid pressure in the pipe, the sealing performance is enhanced accordingly.

Groove pipe fittings include two major categories of products:

(1) the connection sealing effect of the pipe fitting has a rigid joint, flexible joint, mechanical tee and groove flange;

(2) to connect the transition role of the pipe elbow, tee, tee, reducing pipe, blind plate, etc.

As an advanced way of pipe connection, trench fitting connection can be either explicitly or embedded, with both rigid and flexible joints.Therefore, it has a wide range of application.

(1) according to the system: can be used for fire water system, air conditioning hot and cold water system, water supply system, petrochemical pipeline system, thermal and military pipeline system, sewage treatment pipeline system;

(2) according to the pipe material: can be used to connect steel pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, lined steel pipe, ductile iron pipe, thick wall plastic pipe and with steel pipe joint and flange joint hose and valves.

Nine big advantages

1, quickly take the groove clamp contact and the corresponding pipe fitting placement pipeline, start construction do not need to be welded, do not need to be twice galvanized, twice placement.Increased placement rate.

2, light weight of contact clamp, bolt number is small, easy placement, do not need extra skills.

3, reliable scientific and fair mechanism design, peculiar c-type rubber seal ring, triple seal, guarantee the reliability of the connection seal.

4, peace with the trench clamp contact and the corresponding pipe fittings placement start, only mechanical assembly, no welding, no open fire, therefore, there is no welding slag muddy pipeline, can ensure the site safety, for the fire conditions of the construction, especially suitable.

5, the economy because the placement is fast, do not need extra skills, placement repair rate is low, so the comprehensive placement cost than flange can save 30-50%.

6, take up space small groove type clamp contact connection space is about 70% of the flange, and due to the number of fastening bolts and no object, especially practical space under narrow conditions of construction.

7, the maintenance of a brief safe and reliable product size, as long as the proper placement, pipeline is a test pressure pass, safe operation, usually no maintenance, spare parts for decades without replacement.

Universal groove clamp connection can be used to connect seamless steel tubes, galvanized steel tubes, welded steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, copper tubes and other metal tubes.

The connected pipeline is a flexible system, which can absorb the length displacement of the pipe due to temperature change and allow the pipe to have a certain deviation Angle.

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