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Hot sale: low noise, no leakage, no additional cost for coupling shafts magnetic pump coupling permanent magnetic couplingPlease send us the following information.1. Motor output power(KW)2. Motor speed(RPM)3.The torque of the magnetic coupling4. Working pressure of the housing(isolation sleeve)5.Working temperature of magnetic coupling6. Technical drawing of the output part connector (usually motor)7. Technical drawing of the input part connector (usually pump)Introduction ofcoupling shafts magnetic pump coupling permanent magnetic couplingThe magneticshaft couplingis anew kind of coupling, which connects motor and machine by permanent magnetic force.They consist of an external rotor, internal rotor and isolating covers.They work in the sealed magnetic drivepumps, which transporting volatile, flammable, explosive and toxic solutions with no leakage.These magneticshaft couplingscan be used to connect gear pumps,screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc. with all types of the electricmotor or gear box.Magneticshaft couplingis widely used in various industries and fields, such as chemical,papermaking, foodstuff, pharmacy, and so on.How Does A Magnetic Coupling WorkA magnetic coupling consists of two magnetic assemblies and isolation cover. One is the external assembly (the driver magnet) and the other is the internal assembly (the driven magnet). The external assembly is connected to a motor and the internal assembly is directly attached to the pump input drive shaft. Since the internal magnet is isolated within the pump case, seals and therefore leaks are eliminated.The coupling deflects angularly and the magnets create a force of simultaneous attraction and repulsion while the magnetic coupler assembly is working. This force is used to transfer torque from the motor to the pump drive shaft. This permanent magnet coupling creates neither slippage nor induction current during rotation.The seals for metering pumps, feed pumps, and chemical day tank agitators can all be replaced with a permanent magnet coupling to eliminate seal leakage and downtime associated with seal replacement. The internal submerged magnet is of "sealed" construction.Advantages of coupling shafts magnetic pump coupling permanent magnetic coupling» Elimination of fluid leakage from the pump shaft.» Vibrations are not transmitted to the pump.» No maintenance required for magnetic couplings.» Using magnetic couplings allows the use of standard pumps without expensive mechanical seals.» No additional cost for purchasing mechanical seal spare parts and maintenance.Specification ofcoupling shafts magnetic pump coupling permanent magnetic couplingItemInternal Rotor(mm)External Rotor(mm)Isolating Covering(mm)ABCDEFGShaft PinHIJLNMPQRSTUGME03-3LM00Φ35-Φ1026-18-M6X12Φ42Φ60Φ50466-M4Φ40Φ504-Φ5.4Φ38Φ6066GME03-5MM00Φ42-Φ122741813.8M6X16Φ49Φ72Φ60464-Φ6.7Φ52Φ604-Φ6.7Φ44Φ7488GME03-16LM00Φ56-Φ124542513.8M6X16Φ63Φ89Φ80756-M5Φ70Φ754-Φ6.7Φ58Φ8988GME03-16LM01Φ56-Φ124542513.8M6X16Φ63Φ89Φ80754-M5Φ70Φ754-Φ6.7Φ58Φ89610GME03-16MM00Φ56-Φ124542513.8M6X16Φ63Φ89Φ80756-M5Φ70Φ754-Φ6.7Φ58Φ8988GME03-22LM00Φ88-Φ202962522.8M8X20Φ97Φ122Φ110708-M6Φ98Φ1086-Φ6.7Φ91Φ12288GME03-30LM00Φ88-Φ204863022.8M8X20Φ97Φ122Φ110818-M6Φ98Φ1086-Φ6.7Φ91Φ12288GME03-40LM00Φ101-Φ254982828.3M10X20Φ109Φ140Φ124838-M8Φ110Φ1268-Φ6.7Φ103Φ140126GME03-50LM00Φ107-Φ207063022.8M6X16Φ113.4Φ145Φ135804-M6Φ126Φ13312-Φ8.7Φ109Φ1531215GME03-65LM00Φ101-Φ257784528.3M10X20Φ109Φ140Φ1241118-M8Φ110Φ1268-Φ6.7Φ103Φ140126GME03-80LM00Φ106-Φ3265102136.5M6X25Φ115Φ145Φ135824-M6Φ127Φ1356-Φ8.7Φ110Φ1531318GME03-80LM00Φ141Φ92Φ4065124543.3M12X25Φ152Φ180Φ1681008-M8Φ154Φ1648-Φ6.7Φ145Φ180128GME03-100LM00Φ131Φ82Φ32801024.535.3M8X35Φ139Φ170Φ1601004-M6Φ152Φ1588-Φ8.7Φ133Φ1781421GME03-110LH00Φ141Φ92Φ4085105043.3M12X25Φ152Φ184Φ16811512-M8Φ156Φ16412-Φ6.7Φ145Φ180123GME03-110LM00Φ141Φ92Φ3580105538.3M12X25Φ152Φ180Φ16811512-M8Φ154Φ16412-Φ6.7Φ145Φ180123GME03-140LM00Φ141Φ92Φ40110128043.3M12X25Φ152Φ190Φ17014512-M10Φ154Φ16412-Φ6.7Φ145Φ180123GME03-180LM00Φ141Φ92Φ40140129543.3M12X25Φ152Φ190Φ17017512-M10Φ154Φ16412-Φ6.7Φ145Φ180123GME03-220LM00Φ141Φ92Φ481601411051.8M12X25Φ152Φ190Φ17019512-M10Φ154Φ16412-Φ6.7Φ145Φ180123GME03-300LM00Φ162-Φ65100186069.4Φ170Φ198Φ18812312-M6Φ180Φ19212-Φ11Φ163.5Φ2181610GME03-400LH00Φ195-Φ701272010779.9M12X25Φ203Φ234Φ2221526-M6Φ212Φ16412-Φ11Φ198Φ2781622Application ofcoupling shafts magnetic pump coupling permanent magnetic couplingThe ability to hermetically separate two areas whilst continuing to transmit mechanical power from oneto the other makes these couplings ideal for applications where prevention of cross-contamination is essential.For instance: hydraulic sectors, dosing systems, compressors, sterilizers, industrial ovens, biotechnology,subsea equipment, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry, generators, and mixers.Operation principles ofcoupling shafts magnetic pump coupling permanent magnetic couplingThe magnetic coupling works by using the power generated by permanent magnets. No external powersupply is needed. These are permanent magnets, not electro magnets.Packing Method ofcoupling shafts magnetic pump coupling permanent magnetic couplingDouble strength Corrugated Carton and Wood case Sea Packing.