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Quincunx elastic coupling is mainly suitable for frequent starting and positive &negative, high speed, medium torque and requires high reliability of the workplace, etc.Compared with other coupling, plum flower form elastic coupling has the following features:(1) the work is stable and reliable, has the good vibration damping, buffer and electrical insulating properties.(2) simple structure, small radial size, light weight, small moment of inertia, is suitable for the occasion at a high speed.(3) has a larger Angle to the axial, radial and compensation ability.(4) high-strength wear-resistant oil resistant polyurethane elastic component, large carrying capacity, long service life, safe and reliable.(5) coupling without lubrication, less maintenance workload, can run for a long time continuously.1. The LMS (MLS) – double flange quincunx elastic coupling is mainly composed of two closely with convex tooth meshing and radial extrusion to transfer torque, when two axis has relative offset, corresponding elastic deformation of the elastic element, automatic compensation effect.Coupling Shaftnominal torque 25 ~ 12500 nm, allowable speed of 1500 ~ 15300 r/min.