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Nucleon Crane Flexible/Rigid Flange Type CouplerApplications:This product is widely applicable in factory, warehouse, logistics etc, but it strictly forbid to use in such dangerous operating as easily combustible, explosive, corrosive, acid, alkali, plating, steam, heat liquid, overloading , dust etc.Features/Advantages:High efficiency with smooth and silent running.Suitable for high lifting capacities and heavy duty classMinimum investment requirements for maximum space optimizationSafe and smooth running with safety accessoriesReasonable, compact and beautiful structureSmooth starting and stopping performanceLow noise and good view spaceMaintenance-free for lifting mechanism and excellent changeability for spare partsSample Images:Specifications Chart;Hole Dia.(mm)Hole Length(mm)Nominal Torque(N*m)Allowable Rotation(r/min)Rotary Inertia(/kg.m2)16-194263040000.00920-245263040000.00925-286263040000.00930-388263040000.00940-56112112040000.0232-3882224040000.04760-70142355036000.09160-75142500033000.167Welcome to customize your wheel unit here.