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Who we are?WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO;LTDhas 15 years history.When the general manager Mr.Rony Du graduated from the university,he always concentrated his attention on the research and development,production and sales of the cardan shaft.Mr.Rony Du and his team started from scratch,from one lathe and a very small order,step by step to grow up.He often said to his team"We will only do one thing well——to make the perfect cardan shaft".WUXIWEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD was founded in 2005.The registered capitalis 8 million,covers an area of 15 acres, has 30 existing staff. The company specializing in the production of SWC, SWP cross universal coupling and drum tooth coupling.The company with factory is located in the beautiful coast of Tai Lake –Hudai (Wuxi Economic Development Zone HudaiIndustrial Park).In order to become China's leading cardan shaft one-stop solution expertsupplier .WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT independent research and development of SWC light, medium, short, heavy Designs cardan shaft have reached the leading domestic level.Products not only supporting domestic large and medium-sized customers, but also exported to the United States, India, Vietnam, Laos, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Britain and other countries and areas.In the past 15 years, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience, learn from foreign advanced technology, and to absorb and use the universal axis has been improved several times, so that the structure is maturing, significantly improved performance.WEICHENG belief: "Continuous innovation, optimize the structure, perseverance" to create a high quality of outstanding cardan shaft manufacturer.We always adhere to the ISO9001 quality control system, from the details to start, standardize the production process, and to achieve processing equipment "specialization, numerical control" rapid increase in product quality.This Not only won the majority of customers reputation, but also access to peer recognition. We continue to strive to pursue: "for customers to create the greatest value,for the staff to build the best platform", will be able to achieve customer and business mutually beneficial win-win situation. Why choose us?First,select raw material carefullyThe cross is the core component of cardan shaft,so the selection of material is particularly critical.Raw materials of the cross for light Duty Size and Medium Duty Size,we choose the 20CrMnTi special gear steel bar from SHAGANG GROUP.Being forged in 2500 ton friction press to ensure internal metallurgical structure,inspecting the geometric dimensions of each part to meet the drawing requirements,then transfer to machining,the processes of milling, turning, quenching and grinding.The inspector will screenblank yokehead.The porosity, cracks, slag, etc. do not meet the requirements of the casting foundry are all eliminated,then doing physical and chemical analysis, to see whether the ingredients meet the requirements, unqualified re-elimination.And then transferred to the quenching and tempering heat treatment, once again check the hardness to see if meet the requirements, qualified to be transferred to the machining process. We control from the source of the material to ensure the supply of raw materials qualified rate of 99%.Second,advanced production equipmentWEICHENG Company introduced four-axis linkage machining center made in Taiwan, milling the keyway and flange bolt hole of the flange yoke, The once machine-shaping ensures that the symmetry of the keyway and the position of the bolt hole are less than 0.02mm,which greatly improves the installation accuracy of the flange,the four axis milling and drilling center holes of the cross are integrated,to ensure that the four shaft symmetry and verticality are less than 0.02mm,the process of the journal cross assembly service life can be increased by 30%, and the speed at 1000 rpm above the cardan shaft running smoothly and super life is crucial to the operation.We use CNC machine to lathe flange yoke and welded yoke,CNC machine can not only ensure the accuracy of the flange connection with the mouth, but also improve the flange surface finish.5 meters automatic welding machine welding spline sleeve and tube,welded yoke and tube.With the welding torch swing mechanism, automatic lifting mechanism, adjustment mechanism and welding torch cooling system, welding machine can realize multi ring continuous welding, each coil current and voltage can be preset, arc starting and stopping control PLC procedures, reliable welding quality, the weld bead is smooth and beautiful, to control the welding process with fixed procedures, greatly reducing the uncertainty of human during welding, greatly improve the welding effect.High speed cardan shaft needs to do dynamic balance test before leaving the factory.Unbalanced cardan shaft will produce excessive centrifugal force at high speed and reduce the service life of the bearing;the dynamic balance test can eliminate the uneven distribution of the casting weight and the mass distribution of the whole assembly;Through the experiment to achieve the design of the required balance quality, improve the universal shaft service life.In 2008 the company introduced two high-precision dynamic balance test bench, the maximum speed can reach 4000 rev / min, the balance of G0.8 accuracy, balance weight 2kg–1000kg.In order to make the paint standardization, in 2009 the company bought 10 meters of clean paint room , the surface treatment of cardan shaft is more standardized, paint fastness is more rugged, staff's working conditions improved, exhaust of harmless treatment.Third,Professional transport packagingThe packing of the export cardan shaft is all in the same way as the plywood wooden box, and then it is firmly secured with the iron sheet, so as to avoid the damage caused by the complicated situation in the long-distance transportation. Meet the standard requirements of plywood boxes into Europe and other countries, no matter where can successfully reach all the country's ports.The following table for SWC Medium-sized Universal Shaft Parameters.DesignsData and Sizes of SWC Series Universal Joint CouplingspeDesignDataItemSWC160SWC180SWC200SWC225SWC250SWC265SWC285SWC315SWC350SWC390SWC440SWC490SWC550SWC620AL74080090010001060112012701390152015301690185020602280LV100100120140140140140140150170190190240250M(kg)65831151522192603114326108041122146821542830BL48053059064073079084093010010101130134014001520M(kg)446085110160180226320440590820109015602100CL3804204805005606006407207828601040108012201360M(kg)3548669013016018927035551078097013301865DL520580620690760810860970103011201230136015501720M(kg)486590120173220250355485665920124017652390EL80085094010501120118013201440155017101880205023102540LV100100120140140140140140150170190190240250M(kg)70921261652382803404726608861230162523683135Tn(kN·m)1622.431.5406380901251802503555007101000TF(kN·m)811.2162031.540456390125180250355500Β(°)1515151515151515151515151515D160180200225250265285315350390440490550620Df1601802002252502652853153503690440490550620D1137155170196218233245280310345390435492555D2(H9)100105120135150160170185210235255275320380D3108114140159168180194219245273299325402426Lm95105110125140150160180195215260270305340K1617182025252732354042475055T455566788810121212N888888810101016161616D1517171719192123232528313138B202432324040404050708090100100G6. torque(Nm)18027027027037237252671071090613401820182031701. Notations:L=Standard length, or compressed length for designs with length compensation;LV=Length compensation;M=Weight;Tn=Nominal torque(Yield torque 50% over Tn);TF=Fatigue torque, I. E. Permissible torque as determined according to the fatigue strengthUnder reversing loads;Β=Maximum deflection angle;MI=weight per 100mm tube2. Millimeters are used as measurement units except where noted;3. Please consult us for customizations regarding length, length compensation andFlange connections.(DIN or SAT etc. )