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Stainless Steel Grip Couplings join plain end pipe which means there is no need to process the pipe ends (welding, flanges, roll grooved etc). Thus enabling a quick, easy connection of new pipe or replacements & ideal for connecting new section of pipe onto existing pipelines.SizeDN20-DN800housing ANSI316L/ANS304Llocking boltANSI316L/ANSI304LbarsANSI316L/ANSI304Lanchorng ringsANSI316L/ANSI304Lstrip insertANSI316L/HDPESealing sleeveEPDM/ NBRsize:DN20-DN800pressurePN16-PN32Material of sealEPDMNBRtemperature range-30 ºC up to +125 ºCOD 26.9 up to 168,3 mm-20 ºC up to +80 ºCOD > 180 mm-20 ºC up to +80 ºCmediumDrinking waterAlcoholsCompressed airsolid Water Oils Gases (combustible) Fuels Hydrocarbon solutionsBenefits of GRIP Couplings1.Universal usel.1 Compatible with any traditional jointing systeml.2 Joins pipes of the same or dissimilar materialsl.3 Quick and simple repairs of damaged pipes without service interruptions2.Reliable2.lStress-free, flexible pipe joint2.2 Compensates axial movement and angular deflection2.3 Pressure-resistant and leak-proof even with inaccurate pipe assembly3.Easy handling3.lDetachable and reusable3.2 Maintenance free and trouble free3.3 No time-consuming alignment and fitting work3.4 Easy installation technology4.Durable4.lProgressive sealing effect4.2 Progressive anchoring effect4.3 Corrosion resistant and temperature resistant4.4 Good resistant to chemicals4.5 Long service time5.Space-saving5.lCompact design for space-saving installation of pipes5.2 Light weight5.3 Needs little space 6.Fast and Safe6.lEasy installation, no fire or explosion hazard during installation6.2 No cost for protective measures6.3 Absorbs vibration /oscillations